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Philadelphia Mobile Shredding

Want the convenience of shredding right at your curbside? Mobile shredding services allow this. Our local Philadelphia contractors send a shredding truck to your location, where a technician will shred all your documents right in front of you.

Secure shredding in Philadelphia, PA

Shredding trucks are totally self-contained and can operate without any outside power source. They shred in an hour what it would take you a month to destroy with a normal office shredder.

If you prefer to watch your documents being shredded, then an on-site mobile shredding solution is for you. Shredding trucks are configured so that you can watch as your confidential material is shredded. When it comes to your security or the security of your Pennsylvania business, you can never be too careful.

Witnessing the destruction of your documents is a great way to ensure your peace of mind. The trucks shred 6,000 pounds an hour—so most jobs only take a few minutes.

Since mobile shredding conveniently comes to your location, you won’t have to worry about lugging hundreds of pounds of paper around town to a shredding facility. Our Philadelphia partners save you the time and hassle by coming straight to your door.

If you are in need of ongoing shredding, free, secure containers can be brought to your location for you to store your documents for destruction within. Local contractors shred whatever is in the containers for you when it comes time for your regular shredding service. For one-time service, you’ll simply need to identify the boxes for destruction.

Take a Look at How Mobile Shredding is Done In Philadelphia:

  1. You’ll gather all papers you need shredded to one location or into the provided locked consoles. Don’t worry about sorting staples or paperclips.
  2. Materials are destroyed in a secure shredding compartment of the truck at your location. You can witness the entire process.
  3. A Certificate of Destruction will be provided after the job is done.
  4. The shredded materials are compacted, pulped down, and recycled into new paper.

Protect your Philadelphia Home and Business with Mobile Shredding Today!

On-site shredding trucks provide service to homes and businesses in Philadelphia and the surrounding Pennsylvania area. Why take the risk? Let Philadelphia Shredding Service & Record Storage help protect you today.

To learn more about the mobile shredding offered at Philadelphia Shredding Service & Record Storage, just give us a call at (215) 874-0069, or fill out the form on the left today!

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