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Off-Site Shredding in Philadelphia, PA

Off-site shredding is often cheaper than on-site shredding and great for those who have projects larger than 6,000 pounds. Off-site, shredding is also considerably less time-consuming, because you don’t need to watch the process. Off-site shredding is compliant with every current federal and Pennsylvania privacy law, including HIPAA and FACTA.

Secure offsite shredding service throughout Philadelphia, PA

Unlike on-site shredding, materials are not shredded at your location with an off-site shredding service. Rather, they are loaded into a secure truck by trained security professionals and then taken to our secure shredding facility in Philadelphia for destruction. At the plant, only authorized personnel comes into contact with your documents.

The shredded materials from your shredding project are co-mingled and baled together. Co-mingling the shredded materials adds an extra layer of security because it makes piecing the materials back together virtually impossible. Finally, the materials are taken to a recycling facility.

Take a look at the off site shredding process step-by-step:

  1. Your documents are collected by trained security personnel.
  2. Then, they are safely transported to a secure Philadelphia shredding plant. Only authorized personnel are allowed to come into contact with your documents at the plant.
  3. The shredded materials are then mixed up thoroughly before being compacted and baled together.
  4. The paper pieces are recycled into new paper. 
  5. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

The Certificate of Destruction receive will contain detailed information about the process, including a certification of the weight of your project and a list of witness signatures. Because you are given a list of witness signatures, there’s no need to waste time witnessing the process yourself. Our contractors will gladly schedule a one-time purge or ongoing services in which they provide you with secure bins for you to store your documents inside between shredding services.

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Don’t put your home or business at risk by neglecting to shred private documents. Philadelphia Shredding Service & Records Storage is here to help protect you. Our network of local providers promptly shreds your documents at a secure facility, ensuring your privacy and security.

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